Because he is a badass bassist and hip hop dancer!!!

Go go Ryota!!!! 

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THIS COUPLE!! AGAIN!!! sooo cute! Just the way TAKA looks at RYOTA. haha
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1. His birthday is on September 4th, 1989

2. Was previously in hip-hop group with Toru Yamashita called HEADS

3. If he wasn’t in ONE OK ROCK then he’d probably would be doing hip-hop stuff

4. Didn’t listen to rock until Toru invited him to be in ONE OK ROCK

5. Throughout kindergarten through…

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One Ok Rock Vans Warped Tour 2014 Interview! Draws Issues, Tour Stories, and More!

full funny XD

vid by StageRightSecrets / You Tube

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Jrockvirus has a FACEBOOK. WOOT!!!!

Hey guys! Here’s the link to my new Facebook account. It features pictures from my Gothic/Visual Kei inspired accessories line: ToxicAddiction. So go Check it out!

Aoi: *stares intently*
Me: *Panties hit the floor*

Aoi: *stares intently*

Me: *Panties hit the floor*

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