I’ve never found something more SMEXY!! 

I’ve never found something more SMEXY!! 

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[twitter] 2014.17.08 - 海外ドラマ part II

  • Reita: But that's the movies! I'm in the mood for foreign dramas right now! I watched the first and fourth movies in the Mission Impossible series!
  • Ruki: A guy who skipped over the second and the third movie ain't got the right to watch foreign dramas!
  • Reita: So you finally made a good argument!

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Alice Nine♡

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Shou has been tweeting and he has said that Alice Nine will be leaving PSC (their record company) on the 25th of this month. They are doing this because it’s what they believe is best for the band as they want to start from scratch, even though they have enjoyed the last 10 years with the company….

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